Friday, April 15, 2011

Stonewall screening

Good Morning to you!!

Well, I finally get a chance to tell you all about Monday nights screening of Wrong Way to Hope in Stonewall. It was an awesome, powerful, inspiring night full of stories. It was so great to connect with Mikey and Bonnie again and to meet Jason and Cassandra (friends of theirs helping them with the tour). We met up at our place for something to eat before heading to the hall to set up. Everyone really pitched in and in no time we had the hall set up and people started filing in (around 80 guests). The night started out with a few words from Jeff & I. I was super nervous and didn't get out everything that I wanted to say but then Mike & Bonnie with all of their great energy and excitement did a great intro to the movie. My great friend, Dawn stood up and sang a beautiful song by Pink - Glitter in the Air. You are amazing Dawn! It was absolutely beautiful. Gavin (Dawn's friends' 14 yo son) accompanied her on keyboard and is soooo very talented. It started off the evening perfectly. Then it was time for the movie....

If you havn't seen this movie it is a definite Must See. After the movie was over we had a little discussion with the audience and a few questions were answered. Now, usually in a movie you can relate to a certain character depending on what you have had happen in your own life. In this movie, for me, it was Cheryl. Everything that she talked about in the movie I related to. So it was wonderful that she was able to come out to the screening and we could connect. We also had a few special guests come out from Cancer Care to provide information and support to people. These connections that I have made have really benefited me so I hope that others get the same opportunity.

Next was Cake Time!! The cakes were awesome and I thank everyone who baked or brought cakes for this night. They were YUMMY and very plentiful! This was a great time to talk to everyone about what they thought of the movie and to hear about their struggles and triumphs with cancer. We all connected with alot of people and it made me feel like we were defying cancer. This disease does a great job of isolating it's victims and making you feel like you are the only person in the world going through it. This night, as I looked around the room and watched people laughing, crying, bonding and connecting with eachother it proved to me that we can change this aspect of cancer. No one should have to face this alone. Together makes us much more powerful against this disease!

Everyone that I have talked to since this screening was very inspired by this film and very grateful for the opportunity to see it. I thank Mikey and Bonnie for not only making it but also for sharing it with all of us by doing this cross country tour. You are really changing lives with this tour. Keep Huck'n it Huge!!!

This night could not have happened without the support of my family and friends. Thanks for all that you do!! Jeff, Mom & Dad, Laura & Mike, Christine & Dan, Auntie Debbie & Earl, and Dawn - Thank you for being the amazing, caring people that you are! I am so grateful to have each one of you in my life!! xoxo

Bonnie did a great job blogging about this night and has some fabulous pictures. You can check it out at I'll try and link it up to my blog.

Stop, breathe, live.....

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