Monday, September 3, 2012

Precious Family Time

I can't believe that summer is coming to an end and the kids are going back to school on Wednesday.  It always feels like summer flies by every year but this year it feels especially short!  I'm looking forward to getting everyone back into a routine but it sure has been nice not having to make all those lunches every day!!  Coming up with new lunch ideas is always challenging!

We had an incredible time in Kenora for the long weekend!  It was nice visiting with everyone and we all had lots of fun as usual!  Lots of beach time, jumping on the trampoline, lounging on the island, walks and amazing fireworks!  Thanks again to the Lindsays!  Love you guys!

Just after we got home from our great weekend it was time to go in for Gamma Knife.  They were able to get me in earlier so on the 13th I went in for my treatment.  I should back up a little and say that the week before I had quite a few appointments.  I met with my Neurosurgeon, went for my bone scan and met with my oncologist.  Everything was looking good for Gamma and that afternoon the nurse called to let me know that a spot had opened up for the following week.  I was super happy about that since I wasn't at all happy about waiting so long.  When I met with my oncologist he had fantastic news - all scans were clear!  We were so relieved!  (once again)  There had been no spread anywhere else!  I can't help but think of all the "what if's" when I'm waiting to hear my results.  So when I hear such great news it's just such a relief and I felt this overwhelming sense of happiness and gratitude.  So gamma knife to treat the new tumour and that's it!  I can handle that.

Gamma Knife went very well and very quick.  This time I was the first one through and my treatment was only 20 minutes.  I'm getting to be a pro at this procedure!  I was super nervous though going in for this but having my amazing nurse there taking care of me helped.  She has been there for all 3 of my gamma knife surgeries and it's so nice to have someone you know and trust looking after you.  Makes things alot easier.  The morning went very smoothly and I was back at home around lunchtime.  I especially felt very grateful when I heard that one of the other patients there was from Vancouver and had to fly all the way here to get treatment.  They don't have Gamma there!  I know I say this alot but we are so fortunate to have this equipment and these doctors here!  I would not even be here right now without it!  I also found out that they are now able to treat spinal metastases and some other bone mets with this same technology.  Amazing how far things have come in the last few years! 

I have been feeling pretty good since and went back to work the following week.  I have started working from home three days a week to avoid my long commute and to save some of my energy.  Kaden tells me almost every morning that I'm working from home how much he loves that I'm at home when he wakes up.  It has been so nice having this extra time with the boys!  It has been working out great and I am able to find a good balance with everything. 

We have been having a great long weekend so far.  Jeff's family came for 4 days and it was so nice spending time with them and catching up with everyone.  We took the kids to the Nature Playground at Assiniboine Park and they had lots of fun there.  What a neat park!!  My nephews both thought that the best part of their visit was the swimming!  They did lots of that even though the water is cooling off pretty quickly.  My family came over last night to celebrate my birthday which was nice.  I feel very grateful for every birthday that I'm here to see.  (I know I sound like an old lady but it's true)  So we have been surrounded by family and that has been so nice.  It's so great that we both have fantastic families that we love to spend time with! 

So, now we have until November before I go in for anymore scans or appointments.  I now look so forward to these 3 month breaks when I get them.  My brain MRI in November will tell us how things are looking up there and if the Gamma is working the way that we hope it will.  I will also be having more frequently scheduled CT's because of the recent spread we want to make sure that we find any other spread quickly.  There have been a few new drugs come out for melanoma which are in clinical trials but since my disease is fairly controlled at this time we will wait for that.  (Hopefully I will never need them) 

So now it's back to how I can help my body which is where I always look when I'm done the treatments they have to offer me.  Eating well, exercising and living well.  I know that alot of this is needing to feel some control over my disease.  Feeling like what I do can make a difference.  Will it prevent another recurrence for me?  Maybe - maybe not.  But I believe that it will help me to stay strong enough to live through another recurrence.  Unfortunately my juicer/blender broke down so I'll be in the market for another one of those.  Anyone know of a good one?  Mine was great but the cheap plastic on it didn't hold up.  I'll be looking for a heavy duty one that I can use every day. 

I hope that you all had a great summer and were able to spend lots of time with your loved ones!  This time that we get is what's most important! 

Now, time to enjoy my big day!!  I think I'll go for a walk!!!

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