Sunday, March 28, 2010

Say Good Bye to Phase 1

I just got back from my LAST IV treatment!! I feel unbelievable! What a relief to have that part finished and now, to get a week and a half off; I don't even know what I'll do with myself!! The nurses were wonderful today as usual. I am so very thankful for all the amazing staff that work in Chemo. I was expecting when I first started going that it would be a very depressing, sad place to be. It is totally not like that at all. They always have a smile for you from the minute you walk in the door. It has made things so much easier having these special angels taking care of me. I'm also very happy about getting my PICC line out today!! No more worrying about getting it wet in the shower and trying to find a comfortable position to sleep without leaning on my arm too much. My mom and sister took me today so afterwards we went out for dessert to celebrate. Today was a good day!!!!


  1. Great news Natalie! I was wondering about that "picc" line. Thank goodness it is out. Have a great 10 days. It was good to see you again. I look forward to our next visit.


  2. Good going Natalie, I have to tell matter what you're writing about, you you always seem to sound some level of optimistic! Then there is the hint of peacefulness in your heart that peeks through your words, whether talking about your children, or some small event that brought you joy or eased your mind. This 'come what may' strength, and willingness to just be is admirable. I look forward to meeting you face to face at your social.
    Yours truly.

  3. Lorraine O'NeillMarch 30, 2010 at 7:17 PM are a beacon of light for everyone in your life,,, you are truly a special amazing person,,,, your story and the things you've already been thru and those to come make you a true hero,,,,this amazing journey will help so many others dealing with this and even those not going thru this,,,because just reading it helps all of us realize just what's so important in life,,,,you are the Angel here Natalie!!!

    Enjoying your story,,,you really should consider writing for a career,,,you're a wonderful writer....
    Keep sharing, keep smiling...
    Thinking of you everyday ...
    Luv ya!!! xoxo
    Lorraine O