Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

This is a very exciting time around our house! My boys love halloween and getting all dressed up to go trick-or-treating. Plus on top of that it was Kaden's birthday on Wednesday so he is very excited to be turning 6. We are celebrating this year by having his very first "friends party". Usually we celebrate with just the family but this year Kaden wanted to have his friends to his party. So today after school we will be taking 10 little boys to play laser tag. I am looking forward to seeing them all dressed up in their costumes running around playing. Kaden dressed up this year as Ron Weasley (the little red head from Harry Potter). We figured it really wasn't much of a stretch, he looks so much like him. Should be a fun night! Of course, Tyler and Gavin found the scariest costumes they could and they even give me the creeps all dressed up.

I had a really good appointment with my doctor on Wednesday. I found out that all of the tests and scans I've had done in the last month all came back clear. Right now I have no evidence of disease and am cancer-free. This is a really good feeling. It has almost been 1 year since my brain surgery and I'm feeling very grateful to be here. My doctor was explaining to me that now because of gamma knife surgery people in my shoes are living a lot longer and are surviving this terrible disease. Yayyyyyy Gamma knife!! He has a lot of hope and so this reenergized my hope that I will beat this. I am at the halfway point of the Interferon treatment and because I have had no new disease (the lung tumour was already there before I started this treatment) we can assume that this treatment is working.

I have been having some trouble with my blood counts being very low but hopefully I can hang in there for another six months. I apparently will have to wear a mask during my upcoming flight to St. John's which I'm not too happy about but I guess it's better than picking up an infection during the flight. Whenever I see someone wearing a mask at the hospital I automatically assume that it is for everyone else's protection. Meanwhile, it's usually for the protection of the person wearing it. Hopefully I don't get too many strange looks. I thought of maybe getting my glue gun out and attaching some pretty jewels to it - a little bit of bling. We'll see about that! Nothing like being able to blend in with everyone else and feel normal. lol

I am really looking forward to reconnecting with the YACC community. I am excited to get more involved with this when I get back and start getting some energy back. It still amazes me how many young adults are being diagnosed with cancer. This has turned into an epidemic and we need to do something about it - Live healthy!! If you know a young adult with cancer pass along this website It is a very supportive, caring community that gets it!!

Have a very fun, safe halloween everyone!!!

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