Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Well, after a tough couple of weeks I am now on my way back to my new normal self. Of course, starting up the Interferon again I was expecting to be feeling unwell but this time was especially nasty. By the end of the week though I was jumping in the car and driving to the States with my mom and sisters. We had a great weekend! I was so happy that I was able to go and have some girls time. Of course things have changed and our girls weekend wasn't the same shopping extravaganza experience it normally is but it was still lots of fun. I was very nervous about bringing my medication with me and doing my injection at the hotel but it turned out OK. Sounds like the boys had fun hanging out with Dad for the weekend too.

While I was away I wasn't feeling the greatest and by the end of the weekend I knew someting was going on. I went to the Dr and sure enough I had a throat infection. After a couple of days on the antibiotics I was feeling much better. Then ended up with the flu for a few days meanwhile doing my prep for a colonoscopy that was scheduled for me. Now if you have ever had to go for a colonoscopy you know how unpleasant the prep for it is. By the time I was there for the procedure itself I had dropped 10 pounds and was feeling pretty crappy. One word of advice I can pass on is take all the drugs they offer you. So I was a little dopey after and I slept for a while afterwards. At least I don't really remember anything!! I was so glad to have that overwith and I found out right away that it was normal. Phew!! One more normal test under my belt. I have one more scan scheduled for next week and then hopefully after that I get a bit of a break. Part of the reason for all these tests is that the anti-nauseant medication I was on was causing some strange side effects for me that they had never seen before. So to be sure that it's not the cancer causing problems for me I end up having to have all these tests done. Better safe than sorry....

Oh, I almost forgot to share the most exciting thing happening in our house. Kaden lost his first tooth!! He was so excited about this and after wiggling his tooth for a couple of hours (and when he got tired of doing it he was getting one of us to do it) it finally fell out. There was much discussion about why hobos don't just knock their own teeth out to get money from the tooth fairy so that they don't have to live on the street. lol Anyway, it was very exciting and yesterday Kaden was overjoyed when he came home from school with a special certificate from his teacher for loosing a tooth.

These days I am trying really hard to focus on the good that is going on around me. I am thinking alot about what I have to be thankful for. (which is alot) We spent the day on Monday out at the Corn Maze and I loved watching the kids running and laughing having a blast. I cherish every laugh that comes out of their mouths and I am very thankful that I am here to hear it!

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