Sunday, March 20, 2011

Music is healing

Hi everyone!!

It's been another month full of ups and downs. We are in the final stretches of my treatment and can't wait to reach the finish line. I've been focused on living a good life and enjoying it even with all of the side effects I am experiencing. I've turned into somewhat of a concert junkie over the past several weeks. It's the only thing that pushes the numbness out and allows me to feel.... something. I was able to go see Hey Rosetta at the Pyramid. What a great night and a great band! It was lots of fun and they are my new favorite band. A few weeks later, I got the chance to see the Weaker Thans at the West End Cultural centre. Had a great time! The West End Cultural centre is a really great place to check out live music. Then, for the big finale.... Sarah McLachlan at the MTS centre!! She's is absolutely amazing and has the voice of an angel. She put on a really great show and I left there feeling.... ALOT. Not only can she sing but she is doing her part to make the world a better place to live. It really puts things in perspective seeing what is happening in the world right now. Makes me even more grateful to have my family and friends close by and safe.

The boys have been winding down after a busy season of hockey and basketball. Gavin has decided to play hockey in the spring league so that will start up again next month. Tyler and Kaden are taking a break from sports for the spring/summer and I imagine will be practising their skills on the Playstation. We are all really looking forward to the warm weather and then a fun-filled summer!

You've heard me talk about an organization that I have gotten involved with called Young Adult Cancer Canada. I have had the opportunity to go to a retreat and a conference put on and funded by them and they were both life-changing. I really believe that every young adult should have the same opportunity whether it's attending an event like I did or just being able to be connected through their website. Being diagnosed with cancer as a young adult can be very isolating, confusing, scary and stressful. Being connected to a community like YACC can be very healing. This is why Jeff is doing the Shave for the Brave on Monday, March 21 to help raise funds to help get more young adults get through this and be able to start the healing process. You can go to for more info and to make a pledge or register to do your own shave for the brave.

Wrong Way to Hope comes to Stonewall!! You know when you watch a really great movie and you want all your friends and family to see it. This is how I feel about this movie. I can't wait to share it with you all and will get the chance to do this on Monday, April, 11 right here in Stonewall. We are holding a special screening of this movie at the Lions Manor @ 7pm with special guests Mike and Bonnie Lang (the producer of this film). Tickets are $10 all with proceeds going towards helping young adults with cancer. To find out more you can go to This film tour is making its way across Canada stopping in many cities along the way. We are very fortunate to get this opportunity and can't wait to see them again! Mike and Bonnie are doing amazing work in the world of cancer support and are opening their own retreat centre in Calgary very soon called Peacefield Retreat Centre. Very exciting!!

So this has been what we have been up to this month. I have had a nice break from scans and tests lately enjoying my time off. I have planned to spend a special day with each of my boys in the next couple of weeks. We don't get a whole lot of 1 on 1 time together these days so I am making a point of it and look forward to really connecting with each of the boys. I am a very lucky mom! I am not exactly sure what life will look like after cancer or if there is such a thing but I will keep striving for a good life - for myself, my husband, my beautiful boys, my family, my friends and see where life takes us next.

Be well!

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