Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have been feeling great the past couple of days! I definitely see now that I did need a break off of the Interferon. Trying to push through to just get finished is not the answer. My body screams for a break sometimes and now I am going to start listening. I have to say that my health care team sure knows my body alot better than I do. They know when I've had enough and need some time to recover. I went in to see them yesterday and got the go-ahead to start up the Interferon again on Monday. My Oncologist called in the Dermatologist (skin specialist) to come and take a look at my "shingles". Guess what?? It's not shingles after all. What a relief to find out that this rash is not the nasty thing they thought it was - shingles which they tell me can be life-threatening to people taking chemo or drugs like Interferon. It turns out that having this rash could most likely be caused by the Interferon. Slather some cream on there and it should be gone right?...... I will be patiently waiting to see if we've found the right diagnosis and treatment. I'm just thinking wow - I can't beleive I'm blogging about a rash. Would I have been sharing something like this a year ago? Absolutely NOT! How life can change.....

The next couple of weeks I'm hoping will be quiet ones. I'm going to really enjoy this weekend and relish having the energy and spirit that I feel now. I will start the Interferon on Monday so am planning to lay low the next week or so. Although, us girls have planned a trip over the border for next weekend so I really hope to be feeling good enough to go. Normally this would be a trip full of shopping, eating, more shopping, more eating. This will be a bit of a different trip for me probably involving sleeping, reading, more sleeping, more reading. I'll take what I can get and enjoy a change of scenery!

We ran (walked) in the Terry Fox run at Assiniboine park last weekend. It was an absolutely beautiful day! We had a great time and had a chance to visit with my family which was so nice. There was a huge crowd this year and I'm sure a lot of money was raised for this great cause. The Terry Fox run celebrates it's 30th anniversary this year. Wow! One man can make a difference.

I am getting really excited about going to St. John's for the Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC)conference! Jeff and I havn't travelled at all together (out of Manitoba) so it will be our first real trip together. I am looking forward to catching up with those who I met at the retreat in April and also meeting everyone new to YACC. I feel so fortunate to be able to attend and because of all the Airmiles I've been collecting it's not going to cost us anything. Jeff and I are excited about seeing Newfoundland for the first time. My sister, Christine is also coming to the conference as a facilitator. They liked her ideas and perspective so much at the retreat that they invited her to facilitate at the conference. It will be a great time!

Until next time......

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