Friday, January 14, 2011

1 down and 1 to go!

Just a quick update to share my results of the scan. Last week I went in for a chest, abdomen and pelvic scan to see how things are looking, especially in the lungs. Everything looks good. No signs of disease! No cancer! Wow! What a relief. I was pretty nervous about getting these results back because they were checking things so closely. Now I can focus on getting this biopsy of my thyroid done. I got the report back from the thyroid ultrasound and this shows about 6 nodules (lumps). They are ranging in size from 6-30 mm. Hard to believe these are all in my neck and I'm not having any symptoms. Just shows me once again how amazing our bodies are. We are really hoping that these are all benign (not cancer) and can be removed easily if necessary. We should get these results in the next couple of weeks.

Being on the Interferon has been giving me some trouble these days. I was having alot of nausea and some vomiting so am now on a drug to hopefully prevent this. So far it is working really well and I am feeling much better. The only downside is that this drug causes other side effects which I am dealing with. My skin has been very irritated and itching like crazy. (I actually scratched a mole off my back because of it) Oops! Apparently, this is because of the Interferon and hopefully we can get it under control. My face is all blotchy and so I've been trying all kinds of creams and lotions with no luck. My sister brought me over a new one last night so hopefully this one is it! Over half way done now!!!

Meanwhile, more hockey. Sounds like we'll be at the rink pretty much all weekend. It will be good to get my mind off of things and watch the kids play. It is so worth it to push myself out of the house to watch a few games. Makes me feel somewhat normal. Go Stonewall Go!!!!

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