Sunday, July 24, 2011

So just a little update on things...

I did see the oncology surgeon (actually her resident - but not the same one that did my biopsy)and my instincts were right, the lump was still in my arm. I really was trying to convince myself that it was scar tissue or something. After feeling my arm they decided that it was best to get it out so I was scheduled for an excision the following week which I had done last Tuesday. I was expecting the same sort of procedure as last time but she decided to excise a larger area to make sure that she got it so I ended up leaving with 9 staples in my arm. I am relieved to have this over with and look forward to hearing what the pathology comes back as. The first pathology report did say that it was normal tissue - they couldn't find any abnormal tissue which should have been the first clue that they missed it. Anyway, we examined the lump that came out and it really doesn't look like anything concerning (it wasn't black) but she is putting a rush on it so hopefully we will hear something soon. They let my sister stay in the room during the procedure which isn't the norm but it was really nice having that support there. It is so important to advocate for yourself and know exactly what is happening.

This week I have a scan of my pelvis and then we are spending the long weekend with family. I am so looking forward to this weekend! I am feeling alot better than I was a few weeks ago. My energy is up and I am ready to have some fun!

Hope you all enjoy the long weekend!!!

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