Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekend of Fun!!!

So, we're back from our weekend of fun in Kenora and it was awesome! We all had a really great time. It was a nice balance of fun and relaxation. We took the famous hike up blueberry hill and it was so neat to watch the kids picking blueberries and having fun with their cousins. It so reminded me of when I was little, and what a beautiful view when you get up there. We also had an outdoor movie night every night that we were there. Popcorn and everything. The kids loved it! We even had surround sound thanks to Chris!! The big blow up slide was such a hit during the hot afternoons and we spent lots of time at the beach in the water! Our last day there the kids went tubing and had an absolute blast!!! Then it was time to pack up and head home. It was a really fun weekend although we did really miss the two families that couldn't make it this year. Next year! A few of us ended up coming down with the flu while we were there but we carried on and tried not to let this put a damper on the weekend. Thanks to the Lindsays for another really fun and memorable weekend!

It was so nice to get away and not have cancer right in our faces for the weekend. But of course when we got home I had to think about it once again and went into Cancer Care yesterday to get my staples removed. It was actually a great day and much, much better than I had expected. We (my big sis and I) went into Winnipeg a little early and did some shopping. Then we headed over to the doctors and although we had to wait for a little over an hour it was well worth the wait when we finally got in! My pathology report was back already and it was good news!! NOT metastatic melanoma!!! Yayyyyy!! I am very relieved to have gotten this removed now as there was a definite nodule there 4.2 mm in size. Pathology showed that there were some very rare cells shown and it is possible that this was a metastatic (cancerous) lesion that had healed (possibly because of the treatment I was on or my immune system working overtime). We are very relieved and happy with this news!

While sitting in the waiting room I got a call from my GP and my ultrasound results were back already. They came back normal along with my pap test so I'm on a roll!! I love that as soon as my GP gets my results she now just gives me a call on my cell to let me know right away. Makes me feel like we are staying on top of things. I don't have another appointment scheduled for anything for the next 2 1/2 weeks so will be taking full advantage of this freedom.

I feel so grateful for all of the blessings in my life every day! Most of these blessings are the people that surround me! Love to you all!!

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