Monday, August 29, 2011

Heigh ho...heigh's off to work I go........

I can't believe how quickly August is flying by.....

We have been having lots of fun with all the company we have been getting. It's hard to imagaine that next week the kids will be back in school and I will be back to work. I had my meeting last month with my boss and my CPP coordinator to plan out my back to work and it went very well. I will return on a gradual return to work program that will go for 5 weeks so I am not returning full time right off the bat. I am both very excited to get back into the swing of things and also very nervous about how things will go. I have been feeling great the past several weeks and hope that my returning to work does not change this. I am looking forward to seeing everyone there again and hope that I can just jump back into things and be normal for a while.

I went for my planned brain MRI last week and so am a little nervous as I wait for these results to come back. I go for a CT scan tomorrow where they are scanning my abdomen, pelvis, chest and neck and then I see my oncologist the following week when I will get all of these results back. I have to admit that I am really nervous about this and hopefully will be super relieved after this appointment. I feel a little bit like "Could life really get back to some sort of normal after all this or is that just wishful thinking?"

I wound up with a stitch abscess in my arm from the wide excision I had done several weeks ago. I guess my body rejected these stitches that eventually are supposed to dissolve on their own. My incision opened up and the stitches started coming out but things are finally starting to heal again and now it looks like it will heal up nicely.

While planning my return to work I have also been getting the kids ready to get back to school. What a job that is!! Glad the boys are getting old enough to help label all their stuff!! It will actually be so nice to get into a regular routine and see how that feels. We are all so looking forward to this.

We have really enjoyed these past few weeks visiting with friends and family. We had a great time at Quarry Days. The supper to welcome home the troops this past weekend was so much fun! We danced and sang and laughed all night!! Jeff and I had an absolute blast!! I havn't danced like that for such a long time! It felt really good!

So although there is still alot of uncertainty, right now it feels good to be able to make plans for the future (something we havn't been able to do for the past year and a half) and look forward to seeing how life will be. It is sometimes not easy living with so much uncertainty and fear of what will happen but we have to focus on everything good in our lives.

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