Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Finally a good day! The sun is shining and it just so happens that I am starting to feel better. It's funny how that works. Sunshine seems to make everything seem to be OK. We've spent the last few days trying to process what we learned on Wednesday and so we're feeling a lot better about things now. This treatment has been taking a lot out of me but I concentrate and live for the good days like today! There are a couple of melanoma stories that I've heard lately which give me new hope. I love to hear the positive outcomes that do happen. I was reading in the paper this past week about the new bill that they are trying to put through about tanning beds. Minors will need permission from a parent before using them and they are making the warning labels clearer and easier to read. Awesome! I never did use tanning beds but I know so many people who do. Hopefully this new bill will help decrease the numbers of people getting melanoma and other skin cancers. We all need to cover up this summer and protect ourselves and our children.

I hope that everyone enjoys their Mother's Day tomorrow! Give your little ones extra hugs and kisses and cherish every moment with them. I know I will be!

Happy Mother's Day!

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