Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Ok, so we didn't get the best news at the doctor today but we're still staying positive. The lung CT I had a few weeks ago shows that the nodule in my right lung has grown and so they suspect that it is cancer. This means I'll be referred to a thoracic surgeon to discuss surgery. Not exactly what we wanted to hear but it could be worse - it could always be worse. The good news is that my brain MRI showed no progression of disease so this is awesome!! This means that the gamma knife surgery worked and now I go back in 3 months for another follow up MRI. We're happy about this.

This is just another obstacle for me to overcome and I'm so thankful that I have so much love and support to get me through this. It sounds like I will be able to continue on with the treatments that I am still taking until surgery and then I will have to break for a couple of weeks before starting up again. We're still hoping that the Interferon will work and stop any further growth in my body.

On a positive note, I went out with my sisters Sunday night to a play/musical here in town. We had a fabulous time and really enjoyed the production. I love just spending time with my two best friends. We laughed alot and it was so nice to have a break from everything.

We got our pictures and they turned out beautiful. Our family won a photo contest just after I was diagnosed and so the photographer came out to our house this winter and took a bunch of shots. My favorite was a shot of all of us piled up in the snow - everyone smiling. Jeff's friend from school entered us in this contest and they liked our story so much that they picked our family. The photos turned out beautiful and we received $1000 worth of them. Thanks Peekaboo Studio Photography! These photos really mean a lot to us. I was saying to Jeff "Wow! I don't look sick and you don't look stressed! She did a great job!"

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