Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Biological therapy

So today is the big day! I start my at home portion of my treatment. The only problem is there is a apparently a shortage of Interferon right now and I'm having trouble getting it in time to start today. Thinking ahead, I took my prescription in to get filled a couple of weeks ago. They didn't really seem to know what Interferon was and couldn't find it in the computer. So eventually they found it and I asked for it to be ready for April 5th. I thought I'd give myself a couple of days just in case there was a problem. Good thing! When I called on Monday to make sure it was there, she let me know that they hadn't ordered it yet. So when they tried to order it that day, they found out that there is a shortage of it right now. She contacted the drug company and they are trying to get it here for today so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I would hate to have to delay my treatment. I feel for the people who are very ill that have to deal with this all the time. I find it very frustrating navigating through the system! Maybe that's what I'll do when I'm through all cancer patients figure this out. I should be a pro by then.

We always talk about my treatment in just those words - my treatment. Now I feel that I need to call it something else. Something a little more descriptive and not so vague. Who knows what people could be thinking when I'm talking about my treatment. My middle son was watching TSN the other day and he was very irritated that they were talking about Tiger Woods and him being in treatment. He was anxious to watch the hockey highlights. He said to me, "Mom, I wonder if he's taking the same treatment as you." I chuckled to myself and told him I didn't think so. I was so glad that they hadn't gone into detail about his treatment. So now I have to come up with another term to use in its place.

Other than the whole mess up with my prescription, things are really good right now. I feel great not being on any medications. I am going for a CT scan tomorrow of my lungs to see if this nodule on my right side has grown or not. I am praying that this is not cancer! I'm not very good at this watch and wait thing. I always just want to know so that I can do something about it. Well, I'm off to the gym with my sister this morning. Get in a good workout before my treatment this afternoon. Thank you everyone for all the prayers and well wishes! This has helped me tremendously in staying positive.

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