Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thank you!!!

The social was a huge success Friday night!!! I don't know how to thank everyone enough for their love and support. Thank you just doesn't seem enough. We had donations come in from all over and raised enough funds to pay our cost of my medications plus some. This is a huge relief for us and now we can just concentrate on getting me better. I had a fabulous time and it sounds like everyone else did too.

It was a very crazy day on Friday. My brain MRI was rescheduled and I ended up having to go for that before the social. I thought I could have a rest while inside but I forgot how noisy that machine is. It sounds like a fire alarm going off. Mind you, it is much more comfortable now without a brain tumour! The first time I had an MRI I thought my head was going to explode! So after we were done this (my mom came with me) we ran to Costco to pick up a few things for the social. By the time we got back it was time for me to go get my hair done. Thanks to my fabulous hairdresser!! It was nice to have this time to relax. My in-laws had arrived and Jeff's Aunt and her friend too. It was so great that they could all come. One of my greatest friends stopped in when I got home to say hi. She is an awesome person and I wish we had more time visit! Then it was time to go.

We got to the hall and I was taken by surprise at how wonderful it all looked! I was given a beautiful wrist corsage to wear for the evening. The silent auction tables were loaded with prizes and stretched all the way down the length of the hall! It was awesome!! Thank you to everyone and anyone who donated prizes. There were many raffles and so lots of people left with loot! Everyone who bought a package of tickets for the auction received a lovely flower so it was nice seeing all the woman walking around with flowers. All of the bouquets and flowers around the hall were beautiful! So we visited and danced all night and had a blast! I actually didn't do any dancing but there were lots who did. The music man was a hoot and got everyone up dancing. The food was awesome!! A local farmer donated all the meat which was delicious and our local grocery store supplied the buns. For dessert we had a cake table full of every kind of cake you can imagine. These cakes were all made by family and friends. Everyone loved the cake table!! Yummy!!! There were so many people working hard to make this night as amazing as it was!

I wanted to stand up and say thank you to everyone but I didn't realize how nervous I would be. Good thing I had Jeff standing beside me. It's so hard for me to express in words how I feel. I took a deep breath and said my thank you's. I only teared up a little. I'm feeling quite emotional these days with everything that's happening. I really hope that people can realize how precious life is without having to go through all of this. I wish that I could bottle this feeling up and pass it out to all of you. I am so thankful for every day that I now have. It was just so wonderful to see so many people there! I also received numerous emails and cards from those who couldn't make it sending their love and best wishes. These mean so much to me and I treasure them all.

So I actually made it through the whole night and was one of the last to leave. I was thankful that I was feeling so good. So when I got home it was time for my injection and then off to bed. I didn't get much sleep but the night was so worth it!!!

I would like to send a special thank you to our friends in Benito for their donations and support. The Benito School held a movie night and donated the funds from the canteen to our family which really touched us. We miss all of our friends and the community of Benito!

I will be posting pictures of the evening very soon. I hope everyone had a great time and can't thank you enough for being there for our family! Thank you all!!!!

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  1. Natalie...your location may have changed - but your family is in the hearts and minds of many of us here. We are glad to help you...and happy to hear that your positive outlook is helping you get through this.
    Take care...
    Chayce says, "Say Hi to Tyler!"