Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello Everyone!

Well, I hope everyone has recovered from Friday night. I know it took me a couple of days to catch up. Things have been busy around here the last couple of days. I went to another support group meeting and enjoyed talking to everyone. I found out that they are testing a new vaccine for melanoma in Canada. This gives us all hope that they will come up with something soon. On our way home from the meeting we picked up Jeff and the boys from hockey. We were discussing a few things from the meeting and from the back seat my 5 year old says,"Mom just go to You can get the cure on there." When I asked him how he knew that he said that he heard it on the radio. We all got a chuckle from that. If only it were that simple. It amazes me that our boys are so accepting of what is going on. It has become a natural and normal part of our conversation these days.

We are still waiting for my latest test results. We find out next week the results from my lung CT and my brain MRI. When you have every test and scan imaginable done it doesn't surprise me that they would find some other things going on in my body besides cancer. I found out during one of my scans that I have a goiter on my thyroid. My doctor says that goiters used to be a sign of beauty many, many years ago. I have always been behind the times in fashion, I just didn't know how far behind I was. haha! So now I will be going to see a surgeon to find out what to do about this beauty lump. Maybe they should just leave it and it will come back into style one of these years!

So for now we're just praying that all my scans come back clear and will be very relieved when this happens!!


  1. "goiters used to be a sign of beauty many, many years ago"
    Yes that is right; after the famous painting of Maria Medici, which depicts her with the goiter, many noble women of her times, asked the artist to add the goiter to their portraits!!

  2. Sending you postive prayers and thoughts your way. LOL out of the mouths of babes!! There is an amazing bond between mothers and sons, and you have that times three!! What a lucky woman you are. Love you!